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You say goodbye…

This year’s editor bids goodbye- What a romp this has been. This is the last issue of the 42rd volume of the Lakeholm Viewer.
By Sarah Einselen

Two music professors advance to the next stanza

This spring, students will bid farewell to two longtime music professors. Dr. David Liles and Dr. Stan Wood are retiring this year after several decades of teaching at MVNU.
By Sarah Einselen

Meet the neighbors

A pair of red-tailed hawks have taken up residence in one of the trees in the Quad. They are often spotted around breakfast-time and later in the evening, flying from tree to tree around the central-west side of campus.
By Sarah Einselen

Read.Plan.Love.: Changing one Mount Vernon family at a time

This April, 10 MVNU students are reaching out to the Mount Vernon community in an unexpected way. Reading and cooking are two joys in life that many take for granted. In some families, reading is a difficult challenge. These families do not read cookbooks, so they can’t learn how to make new foods.
By Bethany Smith

Designers show off their work

Five senior graphic design students will display collections of their design work in the Schnormeier Gallery of the Buchwald Art Center starting April 26 and running through the 30th.
By Sarah Einselen

Wood carving, painting displayed through April 16

Victoria Mitchem, 2010 MVNU graduate, and Dr. LeeAnn Miner observe one of several wooden dog sculptures on display at the Buchwald Art Center during the April 1 art gallery reception.
By Sarah Einselen

Jim and Jan Hendrickx retiring this spring

For the first time in nearly sixty years, the Hendrickxes have no definite plans.

Jim and Jan Hendrickx, both full-time professors at MVNU, will be retiring this May after several decades of teaching.
By Sarah Einselen

Spring chapel messages make it…almost

This semester’s chapels discussing human sexuality have covered about as much ground as possible—ranging from our self-image and identity as human beings to our struggles against temptations of premarital/extramarital sex, pornography and homosexuality.
By Sarah Einselen

Pioneer Hall fire alarm no April Fool’s joke

At 12:05 a.m. on April 1, I woke my roommate with my screaming. The fire alarm in our dormitory, Pioneer Hall, had just gone off. It turns out that the fire alarm did not wake me up entirely, but scared me enough to scream.
By C. Faith Pettibone

‘Live Out Loud’ raises over $56,000 for WNZR projects

[Einselen news WNZR]
Joe Rinehart runs the board while WNZR student DJs share their Lifeline stories on air during the March 7 Lifeline Wrap-Up. Photo by Sarah Einselen

WNZR’s “Live Out Loud” fundraising campaign raised over $56,000 in about three days last month. The annual Lifeline fundraiser provides much of the financial support used to pay station operating costs and the salaries of the station’s student workers.
By Sarah Einselen