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Are we Inn — or out?

Update on the Curtis Inn decision expected later this month.

Campus growth creates challenges for students

MVNU campus extends downtown, making it difficult for students to stay connected with main campus.

Ariel gives to MVNU – again

Ariel Corporation provides funding for Curtis Inn renovation project.

Historic Mount Vernon Photo-spread

Photo spread by Seth Flowers and Zach Snider.

The art of losing– Art students react to Buchwald damages

The smoke permeated through the basement of the Buchwald art center, as did the water that was used to douse the flames coming from the Bodi N Balance building just next door. While the Bodi N Balance building was destroyed, Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Buchwald Center sustained only bumps and bruises, by comparison.

The smoke clears

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s art students lost much of their work when an Oct. 25 fire on Main Street in Mount Vernon threatened the Buchwald Art Center next door.

BREAKING: Fire threatens Buchwald Center

A fire at 201 S. Main St. in Mount Vernon burned for several hours Monday morning, engulfing a wood-frame structure and threatening the Buchwald Center next door, Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s new art building. By Sarah Einselen.

Town teems with ‘simple pleasures’

By Brittany Richter Staff Writer How often during your busy school week do you push for the weekends? You work hard all week to have those 48 hours to relax…

First Friday: Experience Mount Vernon

In many Ohio cities, First Fridays are part of the summer experience. By Kayla Allen.