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New engineering program takes shape

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

Engineering at MVNU is in full swing, and the dean of the new program says it’s here to stay.

MVNU student corners the market on hipster lighting

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

In the hipster world of do-it-yourself projects, senior Alec Barnhart is transforming the lowly Mason jar into a coveted work of art.

A “brilliant” business

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

Ask any Business majors about their career goals, and chances are that they dream of owning their own business someday. For senior Business Management and Political Science major Alec Barnhart, “someday” is today.

More good news: Fewer chapel credits required for upperclassmen

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor & Katherine Bell – Staff Writer

Filling the chapel credit requirement just became a little easier for upperclassmen.

Dr. V: A lifetime of scholarship and service

MVNU says farewell to valued faculty member Dr. Alex Varughese.

Calling on students to give: Does MVNU ask too much?

Are students feeling badgered into giving?

SOCHI-al media ruins Olympics

Social media takes a toll on viewing the Olympics.

Athletes’ personal stories highlight 2014 Olympic Games

A look at the inspiring stories behind Olympic athletes.

Holy cow! Energy created from sculpted butter to biodiesel

The thought of a 1,000- pound cow living on campus might be intimidating. However, this cow is not here to destroy the MVNU grounds—just the opposite, in fact. If you have ever visited the Ohio State Fair, you might have visited the famous butter cow sculptures. For the past three years, the butter cow has been donated to MVNU for a unique recycling program

Human resources available to serve students

In most workplaces, human resources is a dreaded and feared department. The stereo- typical HR representative is “the bad guy,” blunt and unapproachable.