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Gungor controversy causes little concern at SonFest

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Controversy over some of Gungor’s theological views raised concern for some faithful SonFest-goers this year, but overall feedback from SonFest was unaffected by the band’s beliefs.

Lisa Gungor explains musical change

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Since Michael Gungor’s February blogpost “What Do We Believe?” and the release of Gungor’s album “I Am Mountain,” many Christians haven’t known quite what to do with the band.

Honors project brings social justice to the stage

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

An MVNU student is using her senior honors project to raise awareness about a worldwide issue.

Michael Gungor on the past year’s spiritual journey

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

In an exclusive interview, MVNU professor Joe Rinehart spoke to Christian artist Michael Gungor about his musical influences and his spiritual journey over the past year.

More Progress Downtown

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

MVNU has acquired another building downtown as a gift from an anonymous donor.

House Shows Connect Art to Emotions, Issues of Life

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Homes around the country hosted the artwork of MVNU Professor Andrew Hendrixson this summer.

FNL spring show sparks campus controversy

A look at why Friday Night Live “offended” some of the audience members.

Student experiences varied responses to sexual identity

How the MVNU community handles issues of sexual identity.

Changes coming to campus housing

MVNU campus apartment complexes will no longer be gender-specific.

Students share stories of travel mishaps

The mishaps and misunderstandings of MVNU students’ travels.