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Yikkity Yak: The Naz talks back

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer MVNU administration decided last week to block the trendy new app called Yik Yak from the campus-wide Wi-Fi. The Yik Yak app allows users to…

First spiritual formation retreat receives high marks

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer

Anchorage, the first of this year’s new spiritual retreats, exceeded expectations for MVNU’s students and spiritual leaders.

ITS working daily to improve portal issues

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer

Students and faculty alike are finding the new portal system to be more of a hassle than an improvement.

Boxers, blinds and deadbolts: Reflecting on life with the opposite sex

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer

A change has come to MVNU residence areas this year: boys and girls are living together. Well, not really, but, with both sexes taking up residence in each apartment cluster, it is certainly raising some strange and potentially awkward situations.

Censorship at MVNU urges discussions

Students’ expression isn’t stifled by censorship.

Engineering in; FCS, Sociology on way out

FCS and sociology majors make way for new engineering program.

Shopping on a budget? Follow these tips

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your college kid budget this holiday season.

Tricia Pokosh — more than just director of human resources

Director of Human Resources (HR) Tricia Pokosh is much more than a valued employee of the University. She is also a loving mother, determined runner and devoted woman of God.

Laugh at the devil: Take Halloween back and enjoy it

With Halloween fast approaching, should we Christians be displaying our scariest ghouls and goblins and making trips to haunted houses? Or should we close our doors and huddle safely around our Bibles in rejection of the holiday?

Who controls social networking?

What if the University told us that we had to shut down our social networks? Or what if it monitored all of our posts, down to the very last tweet?