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Go green and create recycled paper

Have you ever wondered how to make recycled paper? Well, wonder no more! There are many methods to do this, but the one I am going to show you can be done in your own dorm or apartment with items you may already have on hand. With a bit of work and a bit of patience, you can create your own recycled paper. By Karma Hooley.

Overcoming changes: Computer science department embraces technology

While the computer science (CS) department has changed its location yet again, its vision remains the same. By Karma Hooley.

Trash to treasure: flowerless arrangement

In this second edition of how to creatively turn trash into treasure, I will show you how to create a floral arrangement using items from nature and recycled paper. By Karma Hooley.

Upcoming Events

The Lakeholm Viewer highlights upcoming events for MVNU.

How to creatively change trash into treasure

As a college student, you may not always have money in excess. So what do you do when you want to spruce up your dorm room or apartment? First, raid the recycle bins! I am going to show you how I turned everyday items into a piece of artwork for my wall. By Karma Hooley.

Faces of fall decorate campus

The annual OAKtoberfest brought many new faces and designs to campus—in the form of pumpkins. More than 70 of these festive decorations were at their posts outside the doors of apartments and dorm halls alike. Aside from the usual jack-o’-lantern face, many students got a bit more creative. You can view a few of the students’ carvings in the “Festive Faces of Fall” slideshow. Photos by Karma Hooley.

Senior leads by example in attitude, excellence

Encouraging, persistent and positive: According to senior cross-country runner Caitlin Edwards’ teammates and coach, these characteristics describe her to a T.
Not only is Edwards the lone senior on the roster for the women’s cross-country team, she is also its first four-year runner. By Karma Hooley.

Make this your best year of college ever

Everyone desires to be happy, to be successful, and to feel fulfilled. The following are a few thoughts from myself, as well as a few recent graduates from MVNU on ways to accomplish this during the new school year. By Karma Hooley.

Turkeys, parades and football

By Karma Hooley Staff Writer Thanksgiving is about more than getting a few days off school and pigging out, contrary to popular belief. Test your Thanksgiving knowledge with this crossword…