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TV Review: Gotham

John Berk – News & Features Editor

Perhaps the highest profile new show of the season is Fox’s “Gotham,” loosely based on DC Comic’s Batman mythology. The twist? Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is 12 years old. While the series begins with the iconic murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce is not the focus of the series.

Why vote? Local government is where change starts

John Berk – News & Features Editor We live in a frightening time. Hope and change are distant memories. Political gridlock has turned the masses away from the whole system….

Any positive expectations should be “Left Behind”

John Berk – News & Features Editor

Given the recent glut of Biblical films rushing to cinemas, it was only a matter of time before the best-selling novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins was remade.

No curfew for returning students; freshman hours remain the same

John Berk – News & Features Editor

One of the biggest — and most celebrated — changes on campus this year is the elimination of curfew for most students.

Changes coming for Block Party

Stricter standards to be held for music choice at Block Party this year.

End of J-Term means changes to annual trips

The end of J-Term changes the way trips will look.

Non-tobacco e-cigs fall into gray area

Where do electronic cigarettes fit amongst the guidelines at MVNU?

Berk shares his take on March’s movie madness

The best and worst films of March 2014.

Bible movies trending: Is it faith, a cash grab, or lack of imagination?

A look at why Bible movies are becoming so popular.