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Christianity vs. Secular Media: Q&A with Joe Rinehart

Communication Department Chair Joe Rinehart speaks on Christian and Secular Media.

MVNU broadcast students grab top honors

MVNU students win awards at International Christian Media Convention.

Tech and Morality

A look at how to keep our Christian morals intact in our technology-ridden world.

CBJ broadcasting director leads tour of Nationwide

By Yvonne R. Schultz LV Adviser Yelling above the din of Columbus Blue Jackets pre-game music, the play-by-play caller for the Blue Jackets Radio Network told a cluster of MVNU…

‘Live Out Loud’ raises over $56,000 for WNZR projects

[Einselen news WNZR]
Joe Rinehart runs the board while WNZR student DJs share their Lifeline stories on air during the March 7 Lifeline Wrap-Up. Photo by Sarah Einselen

WNZR’s “Live Out Loud” fundraising campaign raised over $56,000 in about three days last month. The annual Lifeline fundraiser provides much of the financial support used to pay station operating costs and the salaries of the station’s student workers.
By Sarah Einselen

Audio team wins national competition at NRB conference

Junior Derek Tupper, senior Ashley Timberlake, professor Joe Rinehart and juniors Kaylee Nicks and Jayme McMillan won first place March 1 in an intercollegiate audio production competition.

WNZR reminds community to ‘live out loud’

For the past 24 years WNZR has been supported by its listeners. Every year the station holds a “Lifeline” fundraiser to be able to continue broadcasting. This year the theme for the fundraiser is “live out loud,” in reference to Romans 1:16. The fundraiser started March 10 and will end on March 12.
Marcy Rinehart, who has been with WNZR since 1996, is the station manager. On the Lifeline fundraiser Rinehart said, “It’s a really neat opportunity for our students to interact and connect with listeners who have supported their educational efforts.”
The fundraiser will kick off March 9, a “day of prayer and praise.” The goal this year is to raise $60,000. WNZR hopes to raise the money through monthly support from listeners. The “Lifeline challenge” asks for local families and students to donate $25 a month for the next year. Other common amounts are ten dollars and $50 monthly.
By Hannah Kuhn

GameCentral posts athletic events online

The 2010-11 academic year marks the beginning of a new era for the MVNU broadcasting and athletic departments.
MVNU has been broadcasting athletic events through the school’s radio station for 20 years and only recently has there been a change. MVNU broadcast its first live streaming video of any sporting event on Nov. 12, 2010, when it covered both the men’s and women’s home basketball games.

WNZR staff leaves for industry conference

Two professors and several broadcasting students will leave campus for an industry conference in Nashville this weekend.