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Avoid becoming depressed in the midst of an economic depression

Unless you’ve been living in denial, you are aware of the status of the United States economy. It can be a scary thought for those graduating.
By Hannah Kuhn

Swallow gives her testimony in chapel after her first whirlwind year of teaching

At the beginning of the school year, the psychology department saw a shift in faculty. As students said bittersweet farewells to Dr. Ron Wright, they joyfully welcomed a new professor. Professor Carla Swallow arrived just in time for fall 2010 classes to begin.
By Hannah Kuhn

People in the caf—Easter traditions

Lakeholm Viewer: What does your family do for Easter?
By Hannah Kuhn

Aiding a CoSMO group in crisis: Escape Zone needs your help

CoSMO groups give students the chance to get outside of the MVNU “bubble” and reach out to those in Mount Vernon and beyond. However, ministering to others often requires sacrifice.
By Hannah Kuhn

Learn better time management skills

By now, many students have seen their midterm grades. If your grade wasn’t what you had hoped for, don’t stress out.
There is still something you can do to raise it before finals. Poor time management is often one of the contributing factors to low grades.
By Hannah Kuhn

You can afford to go green this spring

We’ve all seen them–the recycling bins, the trash compaction areas and the sustainable dining ware at the 586. It’s easy to see that the campus has gone green. The community of MVNU has been trying to preserve the environment for a few years now, but the mission can be personal, too. Students have the power to effect change without exerting too much effort.

Sophomore and environmental biology major Stacia Thompson has a passion for the planet.

“Being green is tough as a college student,” Thompson said. “But it is important to form good green habits while in college. Research shows that you actually make less of a negative impact on the environment while you are in college.” By Hannah Kuhn

Sex, sex, sex: a taboo subject for some

At their first chapel, students were informed of the series for the spring semester.

Shot in the dark? Not with career services

Graduation is approaching, and the search for full-time employment can seem like a daunting task.