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SGA takes steps to improve communications

SGA talks about their vision for their future.

MVNU not immune to use of focus-enhancing drugs

Are students using, and abusing, focus-enhancing drugs?

Students, faculty shape culture on and off campus

MVNU students and faculty have their own ways of contributing to pop culture.

Tech and Morality

A look at how to keep our Christian morals intact in our technology-ridden world.

Reading for leisure is important for brain growth

Any college student knows that reading is a required part of his or her education. Whether you spend hours immersed in a hundred pages of text, skim a chapter for the main points or explore a novel for the purpose of writing a paper, the practice of reading is one that cannot be avoided.

Professor shares passion for nursing through teaching 

With its continual expansion and recent shifts in administration, the nursing program has undergone some changes within the last year.
However, through all the changes, Esther Rudolph, assistant professor of nursing, has remained a pillar of stability to both students and faculty.

Attendants look forward to homecoming tradition

The 2011 homecoming court will be acknowledged between the two basketball games at approximately 2:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, at a pageant held in the main gymnasium of the Prince Student Union.

The court consists of a diverse mix, including three seniors and six underclassmen. By Hailey Kinley.

Objectification for a cause?: Date Auction­ review

The Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) date auctions have proven to be popular among MVNU students. What’s not to love about fun events designed to raise money and provide new dating experiences?

At their core, however, these auctions promote the purchase of human beings based primarily on outward appearance. From an ethical standpoint, what justifies this act? And more specifically, what justifies such events on the campus of MVNU, a place where Christian principles are instilled into practically every aspect of campus life? By Hailey Kinley.

Oakwood named ResLife Week Champions

An MVNU tradition, ResLife Week is more than a contest of messy events and bragging rights. For incoming freshmen, it provides a great opportunity to meet and bond with new people on campus. Likewise, it gives upperclass students the opportunity to grow in current relationships as well as to form new ones. By Hailey Kinley.