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Performers entertain with musical spoofs

By Olivia Spoon Copyeditor   A sold-out audience listened to students and residential staff perform their creative versions of pop hits on Saturday, March 2, in Thorne Performance Hall. Lip…

Lip syncing parodies hit the Thorne stage

The much-anticipated Galloway Lip Sync competition may be an entertaining night with a new set of judges, special hosts and rival performing groups ready to compete for the win on March 2.

Lip Sync returns to Thorne stage tonight

Annually for the past four years, MVNU’s Galloway residents have enabled students to become superstars for a night. Tonight, at 8 o’clock in Thorne Hall, it is again time for students to put their creative and dancing (or lack of) skills to good use at the Galloway Lip Sync. By Ashley Saunier.