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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 832 views]
Buchwald art gallery: ‘Fiber as a Language’

The Schnormeier Gallery in the Buchwald Center has been an attraction to both Mount Vernon Nazarene University students and Mount Vernon residents since it opened in September 2009.

Every few months the gallery features a certain theme. The gallery is currently showing “Fiber as a Language.” The gallery features 12 different artists for this show so there is a large variety of work to be seen, and it is not just fiber material. By Tyler Brewer.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 418 views]
Preparation begins for FNL

Live from Mount Vernon, it’s Friday night!

Auditions for the fall performance of Friday Night Live, MVNU’s own sketch comedy show, were on Wednesday, Sept. 2,1 at 8:30 p.m. and Thursday, Sept. 22, at 8 p.m. By Hailey Kinley.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 654 views]
Use Greek letters to exemplify Christ

Greek life is a statement. Sororities and fraternities are about as vast and diverse as the students that populate them. Greek life can define the very core of the student body. It’s not for every university, but what about those campuses that could use it?

People have a tendency to focus on the negative images that Greek life portrays. This is indeed understandable. By. Jasmine Manigoe.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 437 views]
Campus jobs provide many advantages

By Andrew Champlin
Staff Writer
Students who have paid for the school essentials this semester understand this simple fact: college is expensive. To help cover some of those expenses, one possibility to consider is applying for a campus job.
Campus jobs may not always be easy to find, and you may wonder what advantages they have over other jobs. Here are just a few of those advantages.
First, a campus job is economical. Among the various benefits of having a job on campus, one of the best is that you do not have …

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 646 views]
Public relations major spins students’ heads

Last spring MVNU graduated its first class of public relations (PR) majors, but that does not mean all of the wrinkles in the major have been ironed out.

The PR courses are the responsibility of both the School of Business, specifically the business department and the School of Arts and Humanities, specifically the communication department. By Jayme McMillan.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 1,642 views]
Express your faith through ink

People put their faith in so many different ideas, objects, cross necklaces, Jesus T-shirts and even jeans. Why not inject ink into your faith? By Chadd Maddock.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 757 views]

Making the transition from high school to a university can be a nerve-racking yet exciting experience, according to five freshmen who are still adjusting to their new lifestyles. By Janae Brust.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 379 views]
Become involved in campus community

If you have been waiting for the chance to get involved in your campus community, wait no more! MVNU offers many ways to give back to the community.

Three big ways are donating blood for the American Red Cross Blood Drive, joining a CoSMO group and taking part in an extracurricular activity such as Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE). By Jessica Knight.

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 599 views]
Weekend opportunities make a good time

Many students who attend Mount Vernon Nazarene University live on campus, so they aren’t always able to go home on the weekends. Some students may just stay in their dorms and do homework, while others manage to get out and find something to do, whether it is with friends or by themselves.

MVNU’s campus is rather small compared to other universities, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do on campus. By Katelyn Arnold.

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[2 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | 661 views]

Everyone desires to be happy, to be successful, and to feel fulfilled. The following are a few thoughts from myself, as well as a few recent graduates from MVNU on ways to accomplish this during the new school year. By Karma Hooley.