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Facebook addiction haunts students

You know you are a Facebook addict when…
By Bethany Smith

Friend request: accept or decline?

Facebook gives people a sense of escape from the real world of school, work and studying. People can get connected with old friends, keep up with current friends and even find new friends. Some people are even adding each other after only one day of meeting. It’s not uncommon to see someone on Facebook with over a thousand friends at times.
By Bethany Smith

Engagement epidemic spreads through campus

A campus-wide epidemic is affecting 85 percent of the student body at MVNU as the majority of traditional undergraduate students are getting engaged. Most attribute the outbreak to spring fever while others are simply following the “Ring by Spring” creed.
By Emily Weaver

Learn better time management skills

By now, many students have seen their midterm grades. If your grade wasn’t what you had hoped for, don’t stress out.
There is still something you can do to raise it before finals. Poor time management is often one of the contributing factors to low grades.
By Hannah Kuhn