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Top 10 Reasons to Read the Lakeholm Viewer

10 reasons the Lakeholm Viewer is worth the read.

Take steps to avoid the freshman 15

When we arrive on campus, one of the first things we all hear about is the dreaded “freshman 15.” What a nightmare a school cafeteria can be when trying to keep off those extra pounds.

For many of us college students, the last thing on our minds when scurrying between classes is eating healthy. The luxury of walking into the cafeteria and seeing the mass variety of foods can be both overwhelming and tempting, especially to incoming freshmen. By Kelly Mast.

Use Greek letters to exemplify Christ

Greek life is a statement. Sororities and fraternities are about as vast and diverse as the students that populate them. Greek life can define the very core of the student body. It’s not for every university, but what about those campuses that could use it?

People have a tendency to focus on the negative images that Greek life portrays. This is indeed understandable. By. Jasmine Manigoe.

Financial services: changes for the better?

Beginning in the fall 2011 semester, students were assigned personal advisers in the financial services department, which includes financial aid and student accounts. A mass email from the MVNU Office of Financial Services announced the change. Advisers were assigned according to last name. By Seth Flowers.

Workout facilities: unsafe and unsanitary

With obesity rates climbing dangerously, people are looking to exercise to cure the country of this overweight problem.

Everyone would like a healthier campus. Most of us would like to be a little thinner or a little stronger. By. Josh Falk.

Spring chapel messages make it…almost

This semester’s chapels discussing human sexuality have covered about as much ground as possible—ranging from our self-image and identity as human beings to our struggles against temptations of premarital/extramarital sex, pornography and homosexuality.
By Sarah Einselen

Pioneer Hall fire alarm no April Fool’s joke

At 12:05 a.m. on April 1, I woke my roommate with my screaming. The fire alarm in our dormitory, Pioneer Hall, had just gone off. It turns out that the fire alarm did not wake me up entirely, but scared me enough to scream.
By C. Faith Pettibone

Dirty hands: Lest we think being green is easy

By Wes Baker Staff Writer To be “green” is to get your own hands dirty. It is not buying a “green” T-shirt at Wal-Mart made of “organic” cotton grown in…