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Joe Noonen welcomes chaplaincy

During the warmer months, you may have seen a guy riding his motorcycle around campus and wondered who was under the helmet. All of your wondering can now be put to rest when you learn that he is the new University chaplain, the Rev. Joe Noonen.

Encounter is an informal way to worship

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a night of worship without the formality of a chapel service complete with a message and speakers?
Encounter, an alternative chapel service, will give students the opportunity to worship God for about an hour’s duration in an informal context beginning Sunday, Oct. 9. By Kayla Allen.

Worship leader Anthony Mako makes debut

The old has gone and the new has come to the worship platform for MVNU this year in chapel.

Last year’s worship leader, Les Claxon, has followed God’s call to a new ministry opportunity, and a new worship leader, Anthony Mako, steps in to fill his ministry. Mako, 28, graduated from MVNU in 2005 with a degree in church music. By Jamie Osborne.

Fall semester brings new faces, topics to chapel

Chapels this semester may be less controversial than the last, but they will still cover important issues that face students.

Speakers will deal with dating relationships, friends, family and co-workers. By Kayla Allen.

Spring chapel messages make it…almost

This semester’s chapels discussing human sexuality have covered about as much ground as possible—ranging from our self-image and identity as human beings to our struggles against temptations of premarital/extramarital sex, pornography and homosexuality.
By Sarah Einselen

‘Real Sex’ author featured in chapel after spring break

Real sex is discussed by author and speaker Dr. Lauren F. Winner. Winner is an author of many books, including Girl Meets God and Mudhouse Sabbath. She writes about Christian practices, the history of Christianity in America and Jewish-Christian relations.
Winner will be speaking Monday, March 28, as part of the Lecture Artist Series during chapel. Winner will be talking about her book Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity.
By Bethany Smith

Poasted: Students need something to do

Occasionally, students will complain about life here at the Naz: There’s too much homework; the tuition is too high; it’s too cold outside.

Ten outrageous(!?) fines at the University

On every campus there are a few rules. Here are 10 important fines you should know about at Mount Vernon Nazarene University so you don’t get stuck in a situation you could have prevented.

Looking for liturgy: Students search for depth in liturgy and sacrament

You may have noticed some of your friends smelling like wine and incense recently. But before you turn them in to your RD, you may want to ask whether they’ve been out partying, or celebrating high Mass.

Continuity in chapel worship is goal

By Sam Dye Staff Writer This year Mount Vernon Nazarene University students will see more continuity in chapel services with Les Claxon taking over as the new worship leader. Three…