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Facebook addiction haunts students

You know you are a Facebook addict when…
By Bethany Smith

President Martin cast on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

ABC discovered Dr. Dan Martin through a video posted on YouTube, featuring the president’s dance performance in chapel during J-term. The station invited Martin to be a contestant on its popular reality show, “Dancing with the Stars,” and he accepted the invitation.
By Kayla Allen

Football comes to the University

With MVNU’s move into the Mid-central College Conference, new teams will need to be started. The MCC requires its schools to have 15 teams that compete in the conference. The University has only 10. The school has just five years to start the five new teams to meet this requirement. Thanks to Jim Tressel, one of the new teams will be football.
By Heather Knobeloch

Eternal Flame officially renamed ‘Eternal Flicker’

Beginning Monday, April 4, there will be a new name to one of MVNU’s greatest historical landmarks. The Eternal Flame, which was erected in 1968 by the first graduating class of the University, represents a reminder of the school’s beginning legacy and that Christ’s light will eternally shine.
By Emily Weaver

Engagement epidemic spreads through campus

A campus-wide epidemic is affecting 85 percent of the student body at MVNU as the majority of traditional undergraduate students are getting engaged. Most attribute the outbreak to spring fever while others are simply following the “Ring by Spring” creed.
By Emily Weaver

Rev. Peterson goes to Hollywood:

By this time next year, MVNU students may see a familiar face on the silver screen. The Rev. Scott Peterson will be traveling to Hollywood to break his way into an acting career.
By Bronwyn Mroczkowski