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Jazz up your favorite recipes

Ways to add a Christmas twist to your favorite recipes.


Copy Editor Amanda Jacobs bids the Lakeholm Viewer and MVNU adieu.

Create your own holiday decorations

Crafts to try out this holiday season.

Avoid the terror of a boring break with books, movies, fun activities

Ways to beat the December doldrums.

A day without technology: twenty-four disconnected hours

A journey through a technology-free day with Amanda Jacobs.

iPhone vs. the World: Team iPhone

A defense of the iPhone against other similar smartphones.

Lakeholm Viewer Cookbook: Coffee brownies

A guide on how to make a college student’s dream dessert: coffee brownies.

Lakeholm Viewer Cookbook: Guacamole

Great guac is hard to find

Costa Rica blog update: Sunday in Nicaragua

Amanda Jacobs continues her Costa Rica blog.