Cross country teams prepare for Crossroads League championship

Josh Sturm – Sports Editor

The MVNU Men’s Cross Country team recently finished 25th at the All-Ohio Collegiate Championships hosted by Cedarville University at the Elvin R. King Cross Country Course last week. Meanwhile, the Lady Cougars finished 33rd out of 42 teams.

First spiritual formation retreat receives high marks

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer

Anchorage, the first of this year’s new spiritual retreats, exceeded expectations for MVNU’s students and spiritual leaders.

MVNU golf coach resigns midseason; Cougars wrap up fall play

Drew Chaltry – Managing Editor

MVNU head golf coach Mike O’Hara is stepping down this fall after a decade as the MVNU golf coach.

Lisa Gungor explains musical change

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Since Michael Gungor’s February blogpost “What Do We Believe?” and the release of Gungor’s album “I Am Mountain,” many Christians haven’t known quite what to do with the band.

Interns gain experience, get first-hand look at U.S. history, government

Several MVNU history and political science majors completed unique internships this summer.

New coach means new style of play for Cougars

Josh Sturm – Sports Editor

MVNU’s new basketball coach is promising a new “relentless” approach to Cougar basketball when the season begins in just over two weeks.

Any positive expectations should be “Left Behind”

John Berk – News & Features Editor

Given the recent glut of Biblical films rushing to cinemas, it was only a matter of time before the best-selling novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins was remade.

MVNU departs NCCAA for 2014-15

Drew Chaltry – Managing Editor

Starting with the 2014 fall sports season, MVNU’s athletic programs will no longer be members of the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCAA).

Honors project brings social justice to the stage

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

An MVNU student is using her senior honors project to raise awareness about a worldwide issue.

MVNU student corners the market on hipster lighting

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

In the hipster world of do-it-yourself projects, senior Alec Barnhart is transforming the lowly Mason jar into a coveted work of art.