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Professor comes with impressive credentials

Blake Albright – Staff Writer

As a kid, David Winyard always was putting things together — or tearing things apart — to figure out how they work.

New engineering program takes shape

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

Engineering at MVNU is in full swing, and the dean of the new program says it’s here to stay.

Yikkity Yak: The Naz talks back

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer MVNU administration decided last week to block the trendy new app called Yik Yak from the campus-wide Wi-Fi. The Yik Yak app allows users to…

Honors project brings social justice to the stage

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

An MVNU student is using her senior honors project to raise awareness about a worldwide issue.

2014-15 Yearbooks On Sale Now

MVNU yearbooks for the current year are on sale now.

Ryan Long lays out plans for drama program

John Berk – News & Features Editor The MVNU drama program is now under the direction of MVNU alum Ryan Long. Long formerly served as an adjunct professor for the…

Festival Latino

Katherine Bell – Staff Writer Festival Latino will celebrate its tenth year on Thursday, Sept. 25, here at MVNU.  The event will be held from 4:30-8:00 pm on campus at…

Enrollment is Up – and it’s “a Miracle”

Emily Hardy – Staff Writer

Chaos, emotions, tears and separation. These are the words that describe the experience of move-in day for new students and their families.

More Progress Downtown

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

MVNU has acquired another building downtown as a gift from an anonymous donor.

No curfew for returning students; freshman hours remain the same

John Berk – News & Features Editor

One of the biggest — and most celebrated — changes on campus this year is the elimination of curfew for most students.