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Gungor controversy causes little concern at SonFest

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Controversy over some of Gungor’s theological views raised concern for some faithful SonFest-goers this year, but overall feedback from SonFest was unaffected by the band’s beliefs.

Mr. Chris goes to Washington

Drew Chaltry – Managing Editor

This fall, one of our MVNU students is living his dream in our nation’s capital as part of the American Studies Program.

First spiritual formation retreat receives high marks

Krista Armstrong – Staff Writer

Anchorage, the first of this year’s new spiritual retreats, exceeded expectations for MVNU’s students and spiritual leaders.

Lisa Gungor explains musical change

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

Since Michael Gungor’s February blogpost “What Do We Believe?” and the release of Gungor’s album “I Am Mountain,” many Christians haven’t known quite what to do with the band.

Interns gain experience, get first-hand look at U.S. history, government

Several MVNU history and political science majors completed unique internships this summer.

MVNU student corners the market on hipster lighting

Melinda Frank – Copy Editor

In the hipster world of do-it-yourself projects, senior Alec Barnhart is transforming the lowly Mason jar into a coveted work of art.

New recreational sensation emerges in Central Ohio

Josh Sturm – Sports Editor

Have you ever wanted to play soccer and golf at the same time? Probably not, but now you can.

Michael Gungor on the past year’s spiritual journey

Mariah Powell – Web Editor

In an exclusive interview, MVNU professor Joe Rinehart spoke to Christian artist Michael Gungor about his musical influences and his spiritual journey over the past year.

Communication student finds work in field

Drew Chaltry – Managing Editor

Depending on your major, you may understand the importance of having an internship before graduation. For communications students, particularly those in Video/Radio Broadcasting and Journalism, working an internship outside of MVNU is paramount and every JMP (Journalism and Media Production) student has searched or is searching for an internship with another media outlet.

Birch named ResLife Week Winner

Aubrey Bailey – Staff Writer

ResLife Week has come to an end, and the residents of Birch are the champions.