New recreational sensation emerges in Central Ohio

Josh Sturm – Sports Editor9 Josh footgolf

Have you ever wanted to play soccer and golf at the same time? Probably not, but now you can.

Footgolf is a unique and increasingly popular new recreational sport popping up on golf courses around the country.

In an article on the MLS Soccer website, blogger Andy Edwards says footgolf “sounds like something dreamed up in your buddy’s basement.”

“But we can assure you it’s real, and it’s catching on quicker than you might believe,” Edwards says.

The American FootGolf League, which runs footgolf, describes the game as “a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf.”

The game is played on a golf course with a regulation No. 5 soccer ball on shortened holes. The holes are 21-inch diameter cups.

Beyond that, “the rules largely correspond to the rules of golf,” according to the American FootGolf League.

Over the summer the first footgolf course in the area and the third in Ohio was installed at Table Rock Golf Course in Centerburg, a convenient 20 minutes away from campus.

I heard about this new phenomenon through a friend over the summer and had to try it out for myself.

I have never played golf but always wanted to go out on the course with friends. Successful golf, however, requires a set of clubs and a good amount of skill from practice — neither of which I had.9 footgolf

Footgolf provides the experience and the fun, without the equipment and without such precise skill. (Kicking a soccer ball is easier than hitting a golf ball — take my word for it.)

The game is simple and extremely entertaining. And, the Table Rock course is great, as long as you don’t kick your ball into the water.

In about three hours, I walked 18 holes at Table Rock. Almost all of the holes are Par 3s and 4s with some fun obstacles in the way to add to the challenge.

It was a great time. In fact, I’m already recruiting friends to go back for another round.

A congratualatory shoutout goes to Josh Selle, who won that day with a score of 2-under-par and a very impressive eagle on the back nine.

If you want to give footgolf a try, Table Rock charges $12 to walk 18 holes and $9 for 9 holes.

Table Rock will provide you with a ball if you don’t have your own.

For more information on the origins of footgolf and the rules of the sport, you can visit Also, check out the Table Rock Golf Course website at