Interns gain experience, get first-hand look at U.S. history, government

Several MVNU history and political science majors completed unique internships this summer.

8 MelissaVargoMelissa Vargo, senior history major — Vargo interned at the Lake County Historical Society in Cleveland. Her main project was cataloging and digitizing a collection of President James Garfield’s family photos. Vargo said the experience gave her the skills that she will need in her future career as a museum curator. The internship was “vital in career building,” Vargo said.

8 rittanyGilmore


Brittany Gilmore, senior history major — As an intern for the Ohio Historical Society, Gilmore worked at the Ohio Village in Columbus. For Gilmore, this summer was spent in the year 1864. As a third person interpreter for the village, she spent most of her time in the village’s toy shop. “One of the most rewarding things was showing the children that came in that there is more to history,” Gilmore said. “Getting to play with and learn about the toys and games during that era was fascinating.”

8 MelindaFrankMelinda Frank, senior history and communication studies major — Frank spent the summer as a marketing and communications intern for the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. Her internship combined a class on historical institutions and professions with skills application. Some of the highlights were behind-the-scenes tours of the museum departments. “As a huge history nerd, I loved being able to experience the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Frank said.