Cougar Crazies are making a difference at home

Josh Sturm – Sports Editor

The Cougar Crazies are back and better than ever.

Senior Tim O’Leary, the SGA events chairperson, is heading up the Cougar Crazies this year. O’Leary says he is working on a variety of projects to involve the student body more in MVNU athletics.

“I’m very excited in helping create a fun and exciting environment around the athletic culture here at MVNU,” O’Leary said.

O’Leary is full of ideas, some of which are already in effect. He has already set up student leaders to help out with Cougar Crazies planning and events for various sports throughout the year.”

One recent and very successful Cougar Crazies event was a cookout on the Galloway Lawn, which introduced the men’s soccer and women’s volleyball teams.

Another focus of the Crazies this year is fan involvement through activities and promotions that take place at the games.

The popular dime-a-dog events will continue, of course, but more activities are also being planned.

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Photo by Alex Schenkel: Student Body President Ethan Briggs fields penalty kicks from students at a soccer match as part of a Cougar Crazies promotional event.

Already, “we have had several penalty kick contests at the halftime of games where students can come kick PK’s against SGA members to win prizes,” O’Leary said.

The Crazies also are planning some promotional events this fall for volleyball and more for men’s and women’s soccer.

“Our hope is to maximize the students’ experience for all our sports here at MVNU with in-game promotions, a rowdy cheering section, and special prize giveaways,” O’Leary said.

And, while the Crazies have always painted up for basketball, they want to expand the tradition to other sports.

The idea is to create a culture around MVNU athletics that parallels that at other major college sports programs.

As part of that effort, the Cougar Crazies also have established a more active social media presence with both Twitter and Instagram pages.

Followers can get live updates about home Cougar sporting events and messages about upcoming events on campus. Follow them on Twitter: @MVNUCrazyCougs.