Communication student finds work in field

Drew Chaltry – Managing Editor

Depending on your major, you may understand the importance of having an internship before graduation. For communications students, particularly those in Video/Radio Broadcasting and Journalism, working an internship outside of MVNU is paramount and every JMP (Journalism and Media Production) student has searched or is searching for an internship with another media outlet.

 Senior Zach Ford has accomplished that and more. Since the beginning of the summer, Ford has worked for the Columbus Clippers, Time Warner Cable Sports Channel, and the Columbus Blue Jackets – all in positions that are a part of the broadcast field.

 Ford said he began his search in January by contacting the head of the Clippers’ media team about a potential job on their broadcast team. He was told there was no position available but that he could observe and occasionally work camera as an intern. After two weeks of work, Ford’s boss was so impressed by his hard work that he offered to pay him as a freelance worker for the rest of the summer.

 It was through another freelance worker that Ford was introduced to Time Warner. Ford has worked five events with TWC, all high school sports, and is scheduled for more throughout the fall season.

 Then, near the end of baseball season, Ford found out that several members of the Clippers Crew he had been working with also worked for the Columbus Blue Jackets. One of them put him in touch with the director of their broadcast team, and Ford was then hired on as a stand-in for any games where one of the regular crewmembers had a conflict with the event.

 “My favorite experiences with these jobs have really just been being able to see how a professional broadcast happens,” Ford said. “It has completely changed the way that I watch sports on TV.”

 Ford also said that his work at WNZR and with the MVNU Video Team helped him in adapting to professional work and much of that experience as well as the courses he has taken at MVNU.

 “Huge shout out to Joe Rinehart on that one,” Ford said.

 Joe Rinehart, Ford’s advisor and Chair of the MVNU Communication Department, had his own response to what Ford accomplished this summer.

 “I’m incredibly proud of Zach.  He was proactive about pursuing the internship with the Clippers and taking his broadcast experience to another level.  His investment of time with the WNZR.TV crew really paid off “

Zach Ford hopes that other students from MVNU will have similar experiences.

 “Just go for it,” he said. “I was only looking for a little internship this summer and it turned out to be way more than I could have imagined. People who have been in your field for a while will most likely be connected to other people in the field. So if you are good at what you do and show that you are passionate for it, you will get connected. So just go for it, ask questions, and get involved.”