Monthly Archives: April 2014

Non-tobacco e-cigs fall into gray area

Where do electronic cigarettes fit amongst the guidelines at MVNU?

Why respect MVNU lifestyle guidelines?

Is it worth it for students to adhere to the guidelines at MVNU?

Student experiences varied responses to sexual identity

How the MVNU community handles issues of sexual identity.

University will eliminate 50 positions

Faculty and staff get cut due to budget reduction at MVNU.

Calling on students to give: Does MVNU ask too much?

Are students feeling badgered into giving?

Younger generation challenges traditional Christian morals

New generation of Christians pushes the limits on traditional morals.

Campus thieves target electronics, purses, clothing

A Christian community is not immune to thievery.

MVNU not immune to use of focus-enhancing drugs

Are students using, and abusing, focus-enhancing drugs?

MVNU students head for Central America over break

Students spend their Spring Break serving in missions trips.

CoSMO groups ask for time, commitment

A look at how we can get involved in MVNU’s CoSMO groups.