Monthly Archives: December 2013

College changes wish lists

How being in college has changed what we want for Christmas.

Students share stories of travel mishaps

The mishaps and misunderstandings of MVNU students’ travels.

Transfers make immediate impact

A look at some of the transfers to the MVNU Cougars men’s basketball team.

Shopping on a budget? Follow these tips

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your college kid budget this holiday season.

Jazz up your favorite recipes

Ways to add a Christmas twist to your favorite recipes.

Seniors get a glimpse behind the runway at fashion show

A look at the experiences of senior fashion majors behind the runway.

Chistmas traditions spring from pagans, cults, Coke

Origins of Christmas traditions.


Copy Editor Amanda Jacobs bids the Lakeholm Viewer and MVNU adieu.

Create your own holiday decorations

Crafts to try out this holiday season.