Monthly Archives: October 2013

Students, Faculty create new education technology

Students and Faculty work together at MVNU to create new program that may change the face of online learning.

iPhone 5 not much bang for your buck

iPhone 5 pales in comparison to other similarly priced phones on the market.

The Pre-Internet Humanity

A look at the struggles humanity went through before the age of the internet.

Verizon coverage beats competitors on campus

A look at what cell phone providers yield the best reception on MVNU campus.

Summer School offers big perks

MVNU offers new perks to encourage enrollment in summer programs.

A day without technology: twenty-four disconnected hours

A journey through a technology-free day with Amanda Jacobs.

Xbox One or Playstation 4?

A look at which gaming console will come out on top this holiday season.

Technology: Consume Responsibly

A look at the importance of enjoying technology in moderation.

iPhone vs. the World: Team iPhone

A defense of the iPhone against other similar smartphones.