Changes come for campus newspaper

By Amanda Jacobs

Copy Editor

LV_twitter_colorIf you’ve picked up this issue of the Lakeholm Viewer, you may notice it looks a little different.

We at the Lakeholm Viewer believe it is important that we update our newspaper for our changing campus and our changing society. So, we are in the process of making some important changes that we hope will better serve our campus community and you as our reader.

Our first — and most obvious — change  is in the physical design of our newspaper. Instead of the more traditional newspaper format we’ve used in the past, the Lakeholm Viewer will now print in a more modern, magazine-style format.

This layout has many advantages, including its less awkward shape, which makes it easier for readers to handle and lends itself to more creative, compelling design.

Along with this, we also have added more color to our pages to make our material more visually appealing.

In addition to these physical changes, we plan to compose a more unified newspaper by bringing a theme to each issue.

This issue’s theme, for example, is “The State of the University.” It includes articles on different aspects of life here, such as enrollment trends, budget issues and future plans and improvements.

The Lakeholm Viewer also hopes to increase its online presence this year. Our website,, has been active for three years and is now undergoing an update to improve its appearance and to make it more user-friendly.

We are also using our Facebook and Twitter pages more than ever so that you can find the news you need more easily. If you’d like to follow or add us, search the Lakeholm Viewer on Facebook or follow @lakeholmviewer on Twitter.

Another change is in our production schedule. In the past, our print publication came out on a somewhat inconsistent schedule. Now, we will distribute a print newspaper more regularly throughout the year.

We also intend to publish photos, articles and updates on a weekly basis on our website to give our readers more current news. And, we will update as needed for any breaking campus news.

These changes have been made so that you, our readers, are better served by what we do. We hope these changes will improve your experience with our paper. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for our Lakeholm Viewer staff, get in touch with us through our website, our Facebook page or our Twitter handle.