SID Parsons values relationships over athletics

By Drew Chaltry
Staff Writer


Dave Parsons has been a part of MVNU athletics for 23 years. Photo by Drew Chaltry

Dave Parsons has been a part
of MVNU athletics for 23 years. Photo by Drew Chaltry

If you follow Dave Parsons on Twitter, you probably know a good deal about his life (or at least his interests and what celebrities he likes). But for those of you who don’t know the MVNU Sports Information Director, here is a small peek into his life.
Q: How long have you been at MVNU?

A: I came to MVNU as a freshman in the fall of 1990and have never left. I even worked here every summer as
a student and got a job on campus as a resident director and the summer conference coordinator immediately after graduation.
Q: What drew you to MVNU?

A: I knew that I was going to attend a Christian college. I was very familiar with the Nazarene church as my mom had attended Olivet Nazarene University, my aunt was in the pioneer class at MVNU and my uncle was also a graduate of MVNU.
I also drove by MVNU every summer when attending summer camp in Mansfield. And MVNU was about 45 minutes from my hometown of Zanesville.

Q: What are your primary responsibilities as Sports Information Director?

A: In a nutshell, my job is to tell others the stories of the MVNU athletic department and promote the accomplishments of our student-athletes, coaches and teams. Among many things, this involves writing press releases; updating the website, Facebook and Twitter; putting together media guides and game programs; answering lots of email requests and sometimes doing radio or video broadcasts.
Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: I love the people I cross paths with every day, whether it’s the coaches I’ve known for years, the student-athletes who I get to know for four years and their families or even people at opposing schools. There are lots of great people and stories in the world of college athletics, I really love the relational aspect of this job.

Q: How do you balance work and family?

A: This is probably the toughest aspect of the job because the hours and the lack of being able to control much of my own schedule can really be tough when it comes to being there for my family. As my daughters are growing up and getting involved in activities of their own, I have to work really hard to make as many events as possible.

That’s tough as a dad when your kids really want you there. However, I feel that my girls also benefit from getting to know and interact with our student-athletes. They look forward to coming to my office to see their favorite players. We also try to do lots of family activities in the summer when I am not as busy with games, and they are not in school.

It also takes lots of communication with my wife, Carla (who also works at MVNU), and she does a great job of picking up all the slack.
Q: What do you most look forward to for MVNU athletics in the coming years?

A: I can’t wait for Ariel Arena to open next fall! We’ve been talking and dreaming about this for over a decade
now, and it’s fun every day to realize that we are almost there.

Q: What are your favorite professional sports/teams?

A: Ironically, I work around sports so much that I don’t actively follow pro teams all that closely, with the exception of the Cincinnati Reds. I love spending summer days at the ballpark and have been to a game in every MLB city.
Q: If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

A: Relational. For me, it really is all about the relationships. I will drop whatever I’m doing to have a conversation with someone. I really enjoy hearing the stories of everyone I meet and trying to find some way to connect with them.