Lip syncing parodies hit the Thorne stage

By Olivia Spoon


Amy Reeves, Kasey Spang, Hannah Coe, Kara Koch, Kylie Clymer and Brittany Maurer will hold the Lip Sync competition on March 2. Photo courtesy of Jen Gotschall

Amy Reeves, Kasey Spang, Hannah Coe, Kara Koch, Kylie Clymer and Brittany Maurer will hold the Lip Sync competition on March 2.
Photo courtesy of Jen Gotschall

The much-anticipated Galloway Lip Sync competition may be an entertaining night with a new set of judges, special hosts and rival performing groups ready to compete for the win on March 2.

What began as a small dorm event in Galloway’s residential area has turned into a major highlight for campus. Jen Gotschall, Galloway’s resident director, explained that Lip Sync was originally a small talent show for campus residents.

“My husband went to college here,” Gotschall said, “and he remembers a Galloway talent show happen- ing in the lobby. It started there on a smaller scale and has since moved to Thorne Performance Hall.”

Because of last year’s large audience turnout, tickets will be sold for entry to Lip Sync.

“Last year we had to turn people away due to lack of seating,” Gotschall explained. “This year we decided to use tickets so we won’t have to turn anyone away.”

Hannah Coe, a resident assistant for Galloway, explained that the money earned from ticket sales will be donated.

The RD's all dressed up from last year's Lip Sync.

The RD’s all dressed up from last year’s Lip Sync.

“Tickets are only $2,” Coe said, “and the money that we raise will go toward the school’s Relay 4 Life event.”

Lip Sync’s popularity stems not only from the entertaining performances from peers, but from the humorous commen- tary by special guest judges and hosts. Each year, students and faculty are chosen to offer their witty critique of each performance.

“We try to pick people who may not been in the spotlight, but we know are funny,” Coe said. “It’s an entertainment piece, so we want them to say what the rest of the audience is thinking and make it a fun

night for everyone.”
The host this year is alum-

nus and current admissions counselor Justin Nowicki, with the second host still to be decided. The highlight of this year’s judges will no doubt be “surprise guest” MVNU

President Dr. Henry Spaulding, joined by sopho- more Samantha Goodman. The third judge has not been confirmed.

While the judges and hosts are a highlight of the evening, the competition centers on

students’ performances. And, as previous years have shown, a combination of elements is required for an act to become popular with an audience.

“I think it’s more about the funny aspects of the perform- ance rather than how the per- formance was put together,” Coe said. “It kind of needs to be like organized chaos – there needs to be a level of crafts- manship that’s put in, but the funniest skits are the ones that aren’t exactly like the song, so it grabs the attention of the audience.”

Want to know what to watch for March 2? Last year’s runner-up group is preparing to return and win, and two rival cheerleading groups will compete against each another.

“I can’t tell you what they’re doing,” Coe said.

Tickets for Galloway’s Lip Sync will be on sale during the week of Feb. 25. Photos from Lip Sync will be uploaded at