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Magnuson’s compassion suits him for law

Wes Magnuson finds motivation in the challenges of law enforcement and in simply trying to better himself.

SGA faces midstream leadership change

In a special election, Lauren Percival was chosen by MVNU students as the new student body president. Leslie Schultz was elected vice president of social life.

What’s the 411?: Psychology, sociology and criminal justice department increasing its disciplines

Just about 150 psychology, sociology and criminal justice majors have the scoop on what’s going on behind the doors of the School of Natural and Social Sciences. The remaining student population may be innocently left in the Land of Oz.

Music department highlights scholarship recipients

There’s no need to be a starving artist quite yet-at least not for the 13 MVNU students receiving schol- arships from the music department.

Laugh at the devil: Take Halloween back and enjoy it

With Halloween fast approaching, should we Christians be displaying our scariest ghouls and goblins and making trips to haunted houses? Or should we close our doors and huddle safely around our Bibles in rejection of the holiday?

Global Rhythms concert celebrates international music

Global Rhythms is presenting a free concert at MVNU on Friday, Oct. 19.

The concert will offer a variety of both traditional and non-traditional world music. With a blend of African, Australian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Indian, Latin, Middle Eastern and Western music, a unique sound has been cultivated.

SonFest Slideshow

SonFest Slideshow

ResLife Week: ultimate flying raw chicken

Cardboard and duct tape boat races, tug-of-war, raw chicken and a film festival constituted this year’s ResLife Week. ResLife Week is always known for its intense competition among residental areas.

Jump-start basics with Academic Support

Most students are not aware of all the resources that are available in the Academic Support Services office on campus, which exists to help students reach their academic goals.

How to cook: fall favorites that are sure to please

Fall is finally here! A time for warm sweaters, cool nights, crunchy, colored leaves, hot drinks and almost everything pumpkin and apple. In this edition I’ll show you how to make tasty pumpkin muffins and delicious baked apples.