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Serving by sending: longevity wins the race for Bush, Simmons

In their combined 68 years of service, Coordinator of Printing & Mailing Karen Bush and Post Office Coordinator Roberta Simmons have made the MVNU campus community a place to call home.

Printing & Mailing, Post Office serve students

Can you believe that over a thousand pieces of mail and packages flow through the campus post office in one day?Or that the women in printing& mailing have sent out mailings to more than 60,000 people for one event? These two hectic departments do their best to serve faculty, staff and students.

Shakespeare in the Park

On Sept. 14, 25 students and faculty attended Shakespeare in the Park, in Columbus, which featured William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

SGA events set records, reshape perceptions

For the 2012-2013 year,Student Government Association (SGA) has already made a strong appearance on campus. With record-breaking attendance at all of the Welcome Week events, SGA’s highest response was at Neon Bowling night with approximately 450 appearances.

How to cook: yummy pizza rolls

This recipe is an easy, delicious dinner alternative to ordering pizza. For Pizza Roll-Ups you will need the following ingredients: a can of crescent rolls, pepperoni, string cheese, and a jar of pizza sauce.

Festival Latino Slideshow

Festival Latino Slideshow, photos by Felisha Cook.

Lady Cougars volleyball starts strong, keeps fighting in conference

By John Berk Staff Writer After a win against Grace College on Wednesday, Sept. 12, the Lady Cougars volleyball team was 9-3 for the season. Coming off a win against…

Nursing faculty looks forward to school year

By Johanna Kraynak Staff Writer A nursing degree is an appealing goal for many stu- dents at MVNU, as at many other institutions. Some go into the field for the…

Community fiesta honors traditions

Festival Latino celebrated the roots of Latin culture on Sept. 27 in and around the Prince Student Union.

Spruce up plain walls in dorms and apartments with these fun ideas

How can you make it your home instead of just four white walls? With a few clever arrangements and décor choices.