There’s nowhere to park. Now what do we do?

By Alyssa Varner

Staff Writer

As a sophomore with a full schedule, a part-time job, and a six-hour drive back to my hometown, having a car on campus is essential. But as soon as I arrived on campus this semester, I realized that parking was going to be a big problem. I share a parking lot with students from five different apartment complexes, and there are times when I cannot find a single parking space in the areas in which I am allowed to park. I am not the only person who is having problems finding parking.

Rebecca Fletcher, a fifth year senior commuter, is frustrated by where she is forced to leave her car. As a commuter,Fletcher has two parking options: by the chapel or behind the bookstore.

“Today, I had to drive around the parking lot five times until someone pulled out and I could take their space,”she said. She has been ticketed several times because she couldn’t find a space in her designated areas.

“I won all of my appeals and never had to pay, but the process itself was time-consuming and a little stressful,”Fletcher said.

This year, security has handed out pamphlets that describe where students are allowed to park based on where they live.It says that there are more than 1,400 parking spaces on campus and more than 900 students who live in the dorms and apartments. However, the designations are not divided well. Any extra spaces are in places we cannot park.

While there may be enough spaces for students to park on campus, security needs to take the number of cars registered to the students in each building into account when it designates parking areas. No one wants to walk half a mile to get to his or her car or to be fined because it is parked in the wrong place.

While the parking issue cannot be fixed overnight or even this year, this is something that security should consider for future years. The parking situation needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.