Monthly Archives: November 2011

Days of Damascus focuses on Swaziland

The Rev. Joe Noonen, assistant to the chaplain for mission and ministry opportunities, often brings up how great ideas are sparked in the minds of college students.

During LEAD Week this summer, a week set aside for student leadership training, Community Service and Ministry Opportunities (CoSMO) leaders gathered to brainstorm what was hopefully one of those ideas: Days of Damascus. By Ben Wong.

Basketball teams return to face new challenges

The air is cooling off, more and more coats are being pulled from closets and frost has to be scraped off car windows in the mornings.

Winter is coming, and one of the best things about winter is coming with it: basketball. By Amanda Jacobs.

50/50 chance at life: Movie hits home

I recently saw the movie “50/50,” which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen.

With Homecoming here, the movie only reminds me to think clearly on my own relationships, not just at home, or here at campus, but through life itself.

Isn’t Homecoming about a community coming together to celebrate the relationships that we have had or continue to have? To relish in those memories that we shared with others, to smile again, to take more pictures with those we care so much about? By Chadd Maddock.

Senior balances soccer and spirituality

Senior Heidi Moeckel has made a lasting impression at MVNU over the past four years. You have probably seen her wearing #16 for the Lady Cougars’ soccer team.

Although she is busy juggling schoolwork and life as a college athlete, she still manages to have fun and always has a smile on her face. By Janae Brust.

Build character outside the common classroom

Did you ever feel uncomfortable in a class because you did not know anyone there?

It can sometimes be difficult to join the discussion when you are not sure how others will react, especially in a small class.

This can cause some awkward moments. By Andrew Champlin.

Food for the Hungry 5K: Run for the community

Building community with people from all different walks of life and having a good time running or walking for a cause makes this event more than the typical 5K.

Students, MVNU alumni, community members, avid runners from Columbus and people from young to old all can get involved with this event.

They can either run or walk to benefit Food for the Hungry (FFH). By Jamie Osborne.

Park here, not there: Campus parking is awful

One of the first items of information you learn as a student at MVNU is where to park your car, or rather, where not to park your car. You learn which parking lot is designated by which color, proper placement of the sticker decal on your windshield and how much it will cost you if you fail to register or properly display the sticker.

With full parking lots from the chapel to the back gates, parking is becoming a problem for students, faculty, staff and guests. By Seth Flowers.

Football, volleyball return as intramurals

Football has come to Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

With the new intramural season in full swing, many Mount Vernon Nazarene students are seizing the opportunity to play either flag football or indoor volleyball as an intramural sport. By Amanda Jacobs.

SIFE introduces an international project

Junior Kenzie Severns first had the idea for the BRIDGE project (Building Relationships Internationally by Doing God’s Expectations) in September in her government class.

Later, in her social work class, her professor had the class watch a movie about service, where a quote stuck out to Severns: “I think it’s better to live in blissful ignorance because once you realize that people need help, you know that you are the one that has to help them.” By Kayla Allen.

‘Revelations’ brings final in video game series

Imagine that your entire family has just been executed in front of your eyes, and now those who killed them are after you, as well.

Now you have stepped into the world of Ezio Auditore de Firenze. By Katelyn Arnold.