Lakeholm Viewer seniors progress to achieving their goals

By Bethany Smith
Copy Editor

Web editor Emily Weaver, staff writer Wade Foley and sports editor Heather Knobeloch prepare for other tasks after graduation. Photo by Bethany Smith

The Lakeholm Viewer would like to salute three fellow staff writers farewell as they graduate from college.
Name: Emily Weaver
Position: Web Editor
Major: Journalism
Minor: Environmental Biology
Hometown: Howard, Ohio
Emily Weaver has been on The Lakeholm Viewer staff for two years. She decided to come to MVNU in high school because both her mom and sister had attended MVNU. “I had always wanted to go to the same college,” Weaver said.
“My favorite thing about MVNU has been the people,” Weaver said. “Even before I started classes freshman year I made a lot of friends that are still very dear to me.”
Being on the Lakeholm Viewer staff has been an enjoyable challenge for Weaver.
“Being involved with LVOnline has been great!” Weaver said. “If I could let others know something about the newspaper I would let them know that it has been a positive learning experience and that you get breakfast at layout sometimes, if you’re really nice to Professor Schultz.”
Weaver has been active in many organizations. Besides Lakeholm Viewer staff, she has been a member of the Collegians Chorale, Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. Instead of looking at short term goals, like what job she is hoping to get after college, Weaver looks at the future.
“My biggest career goal at this point is to be a photojournalist for National Geographic,” Weaver said. “I would love to take photographs and have those photos tell a story to the world. Either that or to write a novel, which I’m working on, slowly!”
Her future goals and time at MVNU wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of encouragement and support.
“I’d like to thank my parents. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible for me to attend MVNU,” Weaver said.
“I would also like to thank my sister, Rachel, who paved the way for great expectations and big ambitions in both academics and her goals, and my boyfriend, Jordan, who has been there for me through all four years providing unconditional love and support.”
Weaver has a lot of advice for underclassmen, but the most important revolves around chapel time. “It’s a good idea to get all your chapel credits, so you don’t have to pay even more money at the end of the semester,” Weaver said.
“Also, the small groups freshman year are not the best, but stick with it because that’s where I met my best friends that I will always appreciate.”
Name: Wade Foley
Position: Staff Writer
Major: Journalism
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Bethel, Ohio
For three years Wade Foley has written for Lakeholm Viewer but was a Sports Editor for spring of 2010. Foley looked at many different colleges on his list in high school. MVNU was actually the last one on his list. He made his decision late his senior year when he visited MVNU and talked with men on the soccer team.
“I really wanted to play collllege soccer, and the team here seemed really accepting and down to earth,” Foley said.
“I’m glad I decided on MVNU because I’ve had some great experiences here, and I have learned a lot about life and what I want from my future. I don’t think I would have experienced most of the stuff I have on any other college team or on any other campus. This campus is definitely different, but it has its positives.”
The rare experiences Foley has had at campus with his friends have affected Foley the most. “When I go back home or hang out with other friends, I try explaining some of my experiences I’ve had at college, but it doesn’t really translate,” Foley said.
“This place is just so different from most other places in the world, and I’m glad I was able to get that unique experience before I set off into the real world.
“It was a good experience writing and working for the paper, and I think it gave me some valuable knowledge,” Foley said.
“It helped me with meeting deadlines. I’ve definitely learned more about writing sports articles since I was the Sports Editor spring of 2010.”
Besides being on staff at the Lakeholm Viewer, Foley has played four years of collegiate soccer and was a NCCAA Scholar Athlete this year and a part of SIFE and AdFed. Foley is looking to his future with a positive attitude.
“I love to travel, and I would love to incorporate that into whatever I end up doing,” Foley said. “I am very interested in business, marketing and social media. I would like to do something for a professional sports team.”
“I would like to thank my parents, grandparents, friends and girlfriend, Deborah,” Foley said, “who have all had an impact on my life.”
Foley leaves advice for underclassman to follow.
“Take classes seriously, but not too seriously,” Foley said. “ Just try to get as much experience as you can in as many things as you can, and then start looking for career opportunities as early as you can.”
Name: Heather Knobeloch
Position: Sports Editor
Majors: Video and Radio Broadcasting, and Journalism
Hometown: Fairfield, Oh
The Lakeholm Viewer has been lucky enough to have Heather Knobeloch on staff for one year. MVNU won out over Olivet and Trevecca for Knobeloch.
Her first visit at MVNU was worthwhile, when she got to meet Yvonne Schultz and Joe Rinehart.
“The visit went well, and I felt welcomed,” Knobeloch said. “It also didn’t hurt my decision that my brother Ryan was going here as well.”
MVNU has expanded Knobeloch’s knowledge. “My favorite thing about MVNU has been WNZR and the Lakeholm Viewer,” Knobeloch said. “I have loved meeting and being with the people I have known by working with them. ”
The Lakeholm Viewer has shared Knobeloch with the MVNU radio station, WNZR. “It has been great being on the Lakeholm Viewer staff. To be the Sports Editor this past year has been great,” Knobeloch said. “I love helping people follow the teams that they love. ”
Knobeloch has the same career goals as many fellow college students.
“I just want to have a successful career,” Knobeloch said, “and a family someday too.”
“Joe and Marcy Rinehart have been great, as has Yvonne Schultz,” Knobeloch said. “They have helped me a lot. I would also like to thank the staff for the memories and my roommate Jessica, who has had to deal with my sports obsessions. My parents and brother have helped me a lot as well.”
Knobeloch wants to give this easy and simple advice to underclassmen: “Take it all in. Enjoy the time you have and learn all you can.”
The Lakehom Viewer would like to wish Weaver, Foley and Knobeloch the best. Past all the tears, anger and confusion, may all your hopes and dreams come true.