Designers show off their work

Portfolio show will open April 26

By Sarah Einselen
Managing Editor

Carly Haas prepares one of her typography projects for display at the portfolio show while Nicolás Felizzola leafs through the projects she has already mounted. Photo by Sarah Einselen

Five senior graphic design students will display collections of their design work in the Schnormeier Gallery of the Buchwald Art Center starting April 26 and running through the 30th.

Nicolás Felizzola, Carly Haas, Hannah Lucas, Drew Luster and Nathan Parker are participating in the Graphic Design Portfolio Show this year. Their portfolios will include examples of branding/visual identity work, magazine layout, book and website design, infographics and advertising, among other projects. The reception for the show will be held Friday, April 29, from 6-9 p.m. in the Schnormeier Gallery.

Though the five will be presenting similar types of work, their styles are different. That may be because each student has chosen to study graphic design for a different reason.
Felizzola, whose minor is in music, appreciates graphic design work because it’s a happy medium between structure and creativity.

“I wouldn’t like to have a job where it’s really systematic,” Felizzola said. “I’m creative and I love that. God is creative and the fact that he lets us be creative is awesome. But, I couldn’t be an art major. Art is too open for me. So graphic design has a lot of business stuff, stuff to get done on a deadline, but also creative work.”

Graphic design also helps the ordinary populace see the beauty of art without having to make a special trip to an art museum, Felizzola said. “I like to do work for people to see. It’s not just to put in a museum. Graphic design is art that’s meant to be seen by a lot of people,” said Felizzola.

Felizzola has already been working towards bringing art to the people. He has used his graphic design expertise this year as co-editor of the “Enerazan,” MVNU’s yearbook and as web designer for WNZR.

Carly Haas, who is minoring in educational ministries, chose graphic design to complement her passion for children’s ministries.

“I’m not a very creative person outside of graphic design, but I think that’s why I wanted to do it because I wanted to broaden my horizons.” Though Haas’ main interest is photography, MVNU does not offer a photography degree, so she had to choose between graphic design and educational ministries, her other passion. “I chose graphic design over educational ministries because graphic design offered more that I didn’t already know,” Haas said.

An internship with a church already showed Haas how valuable her skill set can be to a ministry. In her internship, she was able to assist the children’s ministry and do a significant amount of design work as well.

“Eventually, after I come back from Korea, I want to work in a church as their children’s director or graphic designer.

That would be a huge help to them to have someone who can do both the design and the children’s events,” Haas said.

Haas’ classmate Hannah Lucas, whose minor is in marketing, loved the challenge the graphic design presented.

“I enjoy photography, typography, illustration and negative space,” Lucas said. “Graphic design combines all those elements, and I really enjoy the challenge of creative problem solving.”

Lucas does not have a job lined up after graduation, but wants one as a photographer and possibly a freelance designer. Lucas and Haas are planning to display a couple examples of their photography at the portfolio show, in addition to their design work.

Drew Luster, also a marketing/general business minor, appreciates graphic design for its structure.

“I enjoyed the artistic side of things and graphic design is more structured than doing art,” Luster said, “and I like that. It is like visual problem solving for me.” And to gain inspiration to solve the problems with which he is presented, Luster will leaf through magazines such as “Communication Arts” to see how his predecessors have
overcome problems.

Currently Luster is the vice president of marketing for MVNU’s Student Government Association. After graduation, Luster does plan to get a job in the graphic design field, but nothing beyond that is sure.

He is considering a move to New York where he interned this past summer.

Nathan Parker will be the fifth of the students displaying their portfolios in the April show. Though he said he studies graphic design because “it lets me spend my time working at a computer,” his true interest is illustration.

“I want to work as an animator in TV or film,” Parker said, so after graduation “I plan on moving to California and trying to get a job in one of those industries.”

Parker’s inspiration comes from the first movie illustrator. “If it were not for Walt Disney and his animation studio, I would not be doing what I do,” Parker said.

And why should people come to the graphic design portfolio show?

“We’ve been working on this show all year,” Parker said, “and we’ve been preparing ourselves for it since we were freshmen. I want people to come and see what we’ve been up to.”

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