Rev. Peterson goes to Hollywood:

By Bronwyn Mroczkowski
Copy Editor

The Rev. Scott Peterson is shortlisted to portray the “voice of God” in an upcoming film. Photo by Diana Tocheff

By this time next year, MVNU students may see a familiar face on the silver screen. The Rev. Scott Peterson will be traveling to Hollywood to break his way into an acting career.
Peterson was discovered by a scouting agent while ordering in a local Starbucks.
“I was just standing in line waiting to order my grande non-fat double-whip latte, when I heard a deep majestic voice saying ‘venti black coffee and a blueberry muffin,’” said Charles Bogden, a talent agent for AYC Casting. “I thought it was God telling me to switch up my coffee order, but it was really Scott.”
Bogden immediately asked Peterson if we would come in for a screen test, and Peterson was happy to oblige.
“An acting career has always been a secret dream of mine,” said Peterson.
Peterson recently received notice from his agent that he has been shortlisted for the “voice of God” in what is hoped to be a blockbuster remake of the classic film “The Ten Commandments.” Other candidates are Morgan Freeman and Alec Baldwin.
Peterson feels confident that he will be able to beat the other two established actors for the coveted role.
“Although Alec and Morgan may have more experience, in this moment I am definitely prepared for this opportunity,” Peterson said.
The University chaplain is confident about his success in Hollywood.
“In this moment, fame can be broken down into three parts which guarantee your success,” Peterson said. “These
are complete confidence in yourself, a great voice, and lastly and most importantly, a signature hairstyle.”
A person’s hairstyle can make or break them, Peterson noted. He pointed to a host of people who became icons based upon their hair, including the Beatles, the Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber.
Peterson stated that he has been cultivating his style for years to prepare for his stardom. He’s finally settled on a distinctive chin-length style he dubbed “The Peterson,” which he is confident will replace the side-swept look of the “The Bieber” in popular culture.
“I have a dream that one day ‘The Peterson’ will be the hippest look around,” he said.
Peterson has been able to use his time as chaplain to prepare for his inevitable fame as an actor. Some strategies he has used to prepare himself for stardom include having a red carpet laid in the chapel to practice walking and posing on the red carpet at award shows.
“Stardom is something you always have to be preparing for, at any moment, because you never know when it’s going to hit you,” said Peterson.
The excessive photo-snapping of him in chapel has prepared him for the paparazzi with which he will be plagued after his breakout in Hollywood.
“In this moment, I know how to have a camera-ready pose at any moment,” Peterson said.
Peterson hopes to use his fame to start a mass business under the banner of Peterson, including hair products (Peterson Pomade), a clothing line (Peterson Polos, and a signature scent (Peterson Le Pugh).