Learn better time management skills

By Hannah Kuhn
News and Feature Editor

3. Spend extended time on Facebook. Facebook applications can help increase reaction time, which can be a vital skill during exam time. Photo by Hannah Kuhn

By now, many students have seen their midterm grades. If your grade wasn’t what you had hoped for, don’t stress out.
There is still something you can do to raise it before finals. Poor time management is often one of the contributing factors to low grades.

Students wishing to increase their time management skills should follow these five tips.

1. Skip class
Going to class takes up a lot of time! So if you have a big paper due or a stack of journals to review, skipping class can help you find the time to get it all done. Instead of going to class, stay in your room, blare some loud music and work on that paper that’s due at 11:30 p.m.

2. Stay up late
Sleeping can make thinking clearly hard. So it can help your critical thinking skills if you stay up until all hours.
We all know that the best and most profound papers have come from 3 a.m. writing sessions in the extended hours room.

3. Spend extended time on Facebook
Facebook apps can help increase reaction time, which can be a vital skill during exam time.
Faster reaction time will help you to get done with your exam quickly, allowing for more time to work on  more important things, such as your farm on Farmville!

4. Don’t worry about making a to-do list
Those pesky to-do lists are only good for one thing: stressing out already overwhelmed students.
Instead, just try to remember everything that’s due and when it needs to be done.
This way you won’t constantly be reminded of all those reflections and lab reports you have to do by tomorrow.

5. Wait until the last minute
I know you’re stressed, you know you’re stressed, so let’s just come right out and say it: You don’t have the time to spend hours working on research papers. There is too much going on in the dorm hallways or apartment lobbies to worry about working on what could be the most important paper of your college career, according to your professor.
Instead, just wait until the night before. That way the pressure you’re under will help you to produce a profound and grammatically correct paper.

The most important thing to remember about managing time is that what you want to do should take precedence over what you should be doing.

You are your own boss, and your professors will recognize this when you turn in your assignments whenever you want!

Don’t let these last couple of months of school be filled with reading and take-home tests. You deserve better!