Jay Ruffner heads golf team in his last collegiate season

By Wade Foley
Staff Writer

Senior Jay Ruffner tees off, readying for invitational play. Photo courtesy of Jay Ruffner/Facebook

After returning from its spring break trip to Florida, the golf team is preparing to start the spring season out strong. Everyone has been working hard on his game in the off-season in order to prepare for the spring season.

For motivation, most of the players look to their senior captain, Jay Ruffner. Ruffner has continued to improve his game each season and is hoping to end his career at MVNU with his best performance yet.

“It’s my last season of collegiate golf so I’m really looking forward to going out with a bang,” Ruffner said. “I really like our crew of guys and the entire work ethic of the team. This is the hardest working team I’ve ever been on throughout my golfing career.”

With this being Mike O’Hara’s first season with the Cougars, the coach is also hoping to improve this spring. The team played well in the fall, but O’Hara knows it can continue to improve and is working for a better spring season.

“Jay is an extremely hard worker and a great leader,” O’Hara said. “I look for him to have a great year.”

“I am really excited to finish out my career with Mike O’Hara as my coach,” Ruffner said. “Mike has been my personal swing coach the last three or four years. My game has progressed greatly under his tutelage.”

O’Hara is a very determined and competitive coach.

“O’Hara was also a great player in his time so it’s very exciting that the man that is coaching us has been through the competitive situations that we are going through and knows how to thrive in them,” Ruffner said.

O’Hara has seen Ruffner’s golf game improve tremendously since he first started working with him. He believes there is a lot of promise in Ruffner’s future.

“If Jay keeps working on his game, he could play professional golf in the next year or two,” O’Hara said.

“Personally, I want to win,” Ruffner said. “Most people would say that they just want to have fun and have a good time during their last collegiate season, but in my eyes, there is nothing more fun than winning. I know we have the potential to do so, so now it’s just about executing.”

The Cougars wrap up the SE Kentucky Intercollegiate Invitational today and will prepare for their next Invitational at the University of St. Francis on April 8.