Friend request: accept or decline?

By Bethany Smith
Copy Editor

Facebook gives people a sense of escape from the real world of school, work and studying. People can get connected with old friends, keep up with current friends and even find new friends. Some people are even adding each other after only one day of meeting. It’s not uncommon to see someone on Facebook with over a thousand friends at times.

The question is: Do you, or do you not add your professor(s)? Here are the pros and cons of adding a professor to Facebook.

1. You are able to contact your professor quickly in case of an emergency.
2. You can develop a better relationship with him or her.
3. Your professor is another person on your friends list who can feed your pets and water your crops.
4. Your professor can help you with homework or studying via Facebook.
5. Professors can contact you regarding important information such as scholarships, internships, deadlines and that assignment you missed that he or she will let you make up if you turn it in by midnight.
6. Your professor can keep up with your 100-day photo challenge.

1. Your professor will see the status that you put up during his or her class.
2. When you change your relationship status one day, and then the next, and change it again for the third time, not only will your friends know, but also your professor now knows your personal problems.
3. You cannot complain about your professor on Facebook because he or she will see it.
4. If you have your English professors on Facebook, don’t be surprised when they comment on every status correcting your grammer.
5. Your professor will see your daily percentage of how “sexy” you are.
6. Your professor sees every Like that you like, including the liking of “Your Mom.” You might become shocked when a couple of minutes later your professor likes the same Like also.
7. Every mushy, gushy, sexy thing you say to your significant other on Facebook, your professor will see.
Keep it Naz appropriate or your professor might give you an eyebrow raise during class.
8. Professors can see just how much time you spent “studying” when you update your status every five minutes the night before an exam, complaining about studying.
9. The video that you thought no one else would see makes it on Facebook, and your professor sees it.
The pros list could get a little bigger, but the cons list could keep going on forever. So you might want to think twice before clicking that accept button. ­