Facebook addiction haunts students

By Bethany Smith
Copy Editor

You know you are a Facebook addict when…

1. You think of an awesome quote for your status, so you write the quote down on a paper in order to update your status later.
2. You check Facebook as soon as you get out of bed in the morning.
3. You get depressed when a day has gone by and nobody has commented or liked your Facebook status.
4. You ignore work or school in order to check on people’s statuses.
5. You don’t rely on e-mail anymore; it’s all on Facebook.
6. You take a picture specifically to make it your profile picture.
7. You become obsessed with old loves, and you stalk their Facebook to see what they are up to.
8. You know when people break up and when people ask you how you know, you say, “Oh, Facebook…”
9. You keep hitting “Refresh” to see if anyone has posted on your wall.
10. You start a conversation with your friend saying, “I saw on Facebook…”
11. You go out of town, but can’t leave until you assign someone to feed your pets, check your food in your café and harvest your crops.
12. After taking a picture with someone you say, “I will tag you in this picture.”
13. You spend an hour going around to other friends’ pages to see if there is anyone you know so you can add them as a friend.
14. You are friends with your entire high school class, even the people you hated.
15. You have friends on Facebook that you haven’t actually met in person.
16. Your relationship status is only official if it’s updated on Facebook.
17. You like to be poked, and you like to poke in return.
18. You have Facebook mobile.
19. You have a full conversation with your roommate on your wall.
20. You find yourself on Facebook instead of writing your paper that is due in the morning.
21. Facebook is your home page next to your school e-mail and Moodle page.
22. “Facebook” has become a verb.
23. You quote friends’ Facebook statuses in school papers as a source.
24. You get angry when people delete you from Facebook.
25. You think that by making a group or complaining on a group you are actually going to make a change in the world.
26. You lose sleep over Facebook because you are staying up late to update your status or chat with a friend.
27. You talk to your significant other more on Facebook chat and posts than you do in person.
28. You updated your status about how much you hated the new Facebook news feed or picture profiling.
29. You belong to 40 or more Facebook groups.
30. You’re on vacation in the Bahamas and you still have to check your Facebook every day.
31. You force/tell people to join Facebook.
32. You are “married” to your best friend or you have siblings that are unrelated to you.
33. The first thing you ask someone new that you meet is “Are you on Facebook?”
34. You have your mom, dad, sister, brother, cousins, grandparents, best friend, enemy, professor, the janitor, the guy who sits next to you in class, your dog and your car as your friend on Facebook.
35. You can relate to everything on this list and you are smiling realizing it.
36. You get on Facebook after reading this.