Eternal Flame officially renamed ‘Eternal Flicker’

By Emily Weaver
Web Editor

The new “Eternal Flicker” will feature a compact fluorescent bulb in place of the former gas-fueled flame. Photo by Emily Weaver

Beginning Monday, April 4, there will be a new name to one of MVNU’s greatest historical landmarks. The Eternal Flame, which was erected in 1968 by the first graduating class of the University, represents a reminder of the school’s beginning legacy and that Christ’s light will eternally shine.

The new name will be the Eternal Flicker.

Due to recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violations, the University has been urged not only to change the name of the landmark but to also change how the landmark functions. By burning constantly, or occasionally, over the years the flame has released lethal amounts of carbon gases.

“Environmental biology majors have actively been tracking these [carbon] emissions for the past 10 years,” said Sal Lie-May.
“They’re getting out of hand, and we’re finally getting the go-ahead to make some changes.” Lie-May is a member of the Board of Trustees that works weekends in Columbus with the Ohio chapter of the EPA.

“Our best option to keep the historical landmark going is to implement an occasional light beam that won’t cause greater implications for the environment, and still keep the message of the founding class of MVNU that Christ’s light continues and will always shine,” Lie-May continued.

According to Lie-May, the University has purchased multiple compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs. CFLs are low-energy light bulbs designed to replace incandescent lamps. They give the same amount of light but use less amounts of electricity and last longer.

“We believe that by switching from a natural gas flame to a CFL bulb that flickers, we can reduce the CO2 emissions by 75 percent,” Lie-May concluded.

Students were excited about the switch of the name. A junior biology major who wanted to remain anonymous stated that the current state of the Eternal Flame doesn’t live up to its name.

“I’ve tried to read by the light of the Eternal Flame at night, since the library closes so early,” he recalled. “I am unable to keep my place in my textbook since the light keeps going out.

“I believe that if the flame is replaced with a CFL it will have more of a strobe light effect, which I think students will find more enjoyable,” he said.

Other students are excited that the Eternal Flicker will be the new name, whereas most faculty members are not eager to see the nameplate changed on the original landmark. When asked their opinion, faculty members declined to give a statement regarding the new name.

Dr. Dan Martin will present the newly refurbished landmark Monday, April 4, after the 10:20 a.m. chapel service.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony. Goliards is slated to perform a rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”

To find out more, go to the Eternal Flame’s Facebook page at Johnny Ternal Flame. To sign the faculty’s petition to keep the current name visit