Monthly Archives: April 2011

Music Department offers a new music and worship major

MVNU’S music department, starting in the 2011-2012 school year, is offering a new major that specializes in music and the ministry of worship in the church.
By Kayla Allen

VIDEO: MVNU Chapel Focuses on Sexuality

MVNU Chapel Focuses on Sexuality

Swallow gives her testimony in chapel after her first whirlwind year of teaching

At the beginning of the school year, the psychology department saw a shift in faculty. As students said bittersweet farewells to Dr. Ron Wright, they joyfully welcomed a new professor. Professor Carla Swallow arrived just in time for fall 2010 classes to begin.
By Hannah Kuhn

Friday Night Live cast gears up for spring show

The Friday Night Live crew is back in action, one night and one night only.

The show that brought laughter to the students of MVNU last fall is bringing laughter back.
By Zach Snider

Golf team hopes to improve the rest of its season

The Mount Vernon Nazarene University golf team is three tournaments into their spring season and is hoping to make an improvement on their play so far.
By Wade Foley

Read.Plan.Love.: Changing one Mount Vernon family at a time

This April, 10 MVNU students are reaching out to the Mount Vernon community in an unexpected way. Reading and cooking are two joys in life that many take for granted. In some families, reading is a difficult challenge. These families do not read cookbooks, so they can’t learn how to make new foods.
By Bethany Smith

Williams ready for rest of season

Any baseball fan on campus likely knows who Steve Williams is, but for those who aren’t baseball fans, Williams is a senior business management major and criminal justice minor.
By Wade Foley

MVNU accommodates increased internet requirements

The internet connection at MVNU has been the object of grumbling for many a student. From the freshman dorms to the upperclassmen apartments, the slow connectivity has caused much chagrin on campus.
By Zach Snider

People in the caf—Easter traditions

Lakeholm Viewer: What does your family do for Easter?
By Hannah Kuhn

Cougar baseball heats up

The MVNU Cougar baseball team has had a successful season so far. As of April 9, the team was undefeated in its conference.
By Bethany Smith