Three seniors ready to perform their music recitals

By Kayla Allen
News and Features Editor

Alicia Brooks sings during her operatic performance of The Magic Flute. Photo courtesy of Alicia Brooks

For seniors Alicia Brooks, Courtney Caruth and Kayleigh Schofield, the high point of their career as MVNU students is their voice recital. Each of them can feel the tension and excitement as her recital approaches.

This is their moment to share all that they have learned and accomplished as singers and musicians. They are excited to see what God has in store for them for the rest of their time at MVNU and on into their futures.

Alicia Brooks is majoring in psychology, but music has been a big part of her life at the University. She has taken private voice lessons since her freshman year. She welcomes the opportunity to perform for her friends and family.

“I figured it would really be a waste not to showcase my work,” Brooks said. “I have grown in appreciation as to how much work it takes to excel in music. It takes lots of practice, hard work and lots of time.”

For Brooks, graduation is a testimony to how fast time goes by.

“I am still in a state of shock that I am graduating soon,” Brooks said. “I can’t believe it. It also motivates me to do my best and really show all I have learned in my recital. I hope to see friends and family supporting me in my endeavors. I hope to reach people with my music, so that we can all enjoy it—both me, when singing it, and the audience, by hearing it.”

After graduation, she still intends to use music in her field of study.

“My plan is to go into grad school for clinical child psychology,” Brooks said. “My ultimate plan is to be a child crisis counselor. Music fits into this well, in my opinion, because kids can’t always express in words all they feel. Music is a great tool for healing and growth.”

Senior Courtney Caruth's senior recital will be at 4 p.m. April 16,in Thorne. Photo courtesy of Courtney Caruth

Courtney Caruth dreams to take her love of music to children.

“My ideal job would be to teach music to kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. I would love to work with a large school district in hopes that I could teach a high school music theory class and work with their theater program.

“I also want to continue to stay involved with music in my church and community.”

For Caruth, music has been a joy.

“Studying music here at MVNU has been a wonderful experience for me. We have some great professors! They all have so much knowledge to pass on to us and a genuine concern for our lives outside of classes, as well as in classes.

“I came into the music department loving music, but I had almost no musical background. I grew up singing in church and played the flute sixth-12th grade, but that was it. I am leaving MVNU with a firm understanding on music and the way it functions. Four years ago I never would have thought I’d be saying this, but I’m leaving here as a classically trained vocalist, and that’s kind of exciting.”

Caruth is ecstatic to share her voice and her developments as a singer during her recital. Although her time as a student has been a blessing for Caruth, she is ready to take the next step and move on with her life.

“My family knows my ‘high school’ voice and I am so excited for them to hear how much my voice has progressed over the last four years.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my family, my professors, my two best friends Justin Nowicki and Nicole Phillips, and really anyone else that wants to come.

“And I am excited that I’m wrapping up my career as an MVNU student. I’ve loved every year, but I’m excited to move on to the next phase of my life,” Caruth said.

Caruth’s recital will be 4 p.m., April 16, in Thorne Performance Hall.

Kayleigh Schofield’s senior voice recital will be at 4 p.m. March 12, in Thorne Performance Hall.