Grimm hopes for memorable last postseason

By Wade Foley
Staff Writer

Adam Grimm takes a shot at the foul line with Short looking on in a game against Cedarville. Photo by Kayla Allen

When most students hear the name Adam Grimm they immediately think of “That really tall guy out on the court,” but there is a lot more to the senior sports management major.

Grimm was born in Lancaster, Calif., and moved to Titusville, Fla., when he was one year old. His mother, Jeanie Elliot, teaches dental hygiene at the local community college in his hometown and his father, Nick Grimm, worked for NASA on the space shuttle as a rocket booster engineer for 22 years before he recently retired. Grimm also has a younger brother who recently enlisted in the Air Force and an older, adopted sister.

Being a senior this year, Grimm had to endure a lot of changes with the implementation of a new coach last season and many new players this season.

Grimm was looking forward to leading the team this season and helping the underclassmen understand how the program works and how to fit in at MVNU.

It was a challenge, however, because everything that Grimm and the other seniors were used to after two years was changed, and it was a struggle for Grimm to adapt to it at first.

“Brandon Short and I were not captains this year, and at first we were very offended and thought we had earned this right to have that title and lead this team,” Grimm said.

Grimm quickly learned that he could still lead the team without actually having the title of captain. “From this we learned that sometimes you don’t need the title to actually lead the team itself,” Grimm said. “ Yeah, we had our three captains who did everything that the captains usually do and did a great job this year with that, but we still knew the younger kids on the team were looking up to us.”

Grimm was impressed by many of the freshman and sophomore players on the team this year.

“The new players all have a high basketball IQ level and good basketball talent and contribute to the team in a positive way,” Grimm said.

He has also become fond of Moore both as a person and a coach.

“Coach Moore is a great coach with a very solid mindset of taking this team to the next level and has a great imagination of where he wants this program to go and will do whatever it takes to get it there,” Grimm said.

Grimm admits that the team hasn’t accomplished everything it set out to accomplish at the beginning of the season, but it still has achieved a lot and has opened some people’s eyes in the state of Ohio and at the national level.

He’s also looking forward to his last postseason and hoping that the team can come together and achieve some success in the playoffs.

Moore has seen a lot of potential in Grimm both as a player and person as well.

“Adam has really come a long way since I first took the head coaching position,” said Moore. “There were a number of changes for all the new players, but for Adam it took a little longer for him to make the transition. He has really grown into one of our key players on this team.  His focus on a daily basis is the thing I am most proud of him for, and I think that has translated into his maturity off the court as well.”

After graduation, Grimm wants to pursue a job in sports and hopefully work for a professional basketball team at an entry-level position in ticket sales.

He hopes to be able to work his way up the corporate ladder and save enough money to one day open a surf shop somewhere in Florida, California, Hawaii or Brazil.

He is very determined and has many aspirations such as these, but first he just wants to get out of Ohio!

Although Grimm dislikes the cold weather, he has truly enjoyed his four years at MVNU and has learned a lot throughout his career.

“From playing basketball to the friends I have made throughout the four years I have been here, these will be things that you cannot take away from me and has kind of changed me into the person that I am today,” said Grimm. “I have matured as a person by going here and am still learning new things every day from the people around and the professors and coaches on campus who help me out.”

Grimm has an outgoing and friendly personality and said, “If you see me around campus just stop me, and I will talk to anyone and answer any questions that you might have about me.”