Monthly Archives: September 2010

Suicide awareness discussed at Tuesday seminar

A suicide prevention speaker visited Mount Vernon Nazarene University this week to share the story of losing her sister.

Campus grieves over loss of student: Michael Gehrett, 21, dies from injuries

At mid-morning Thursday, Sept. 16, the R.R. Hodges Chapel/Auditorium gradually filled with the sound of sniffs and choked-back weeping as students began to mourn the loss of their friend and classmate.

Pay to play: Intramurals start off with minor variation

Many students agree that a favorite pastime at Mount Vernon Nazarene University is joining an intramural team. This year there will be some differences in how the intramural program will run.

Pros and cons of marriage while in college weighed by students

The majority of students at Mount Vernon Nazarene University seem to want to get married . . . soon!

Plight of relocated Bantu to be shown

The award-winning documentary about Somali refugees adjusting to life in the United States will be screened at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 6, in Thorne Performance Hall. Students who attend receive chapel credit.

Volleyball team streaking to 17 wins

The Mount Vernon Nazarene University women’s volleyball team has had a great start to the season with a record of 17-2. With 17 straight wins, they have been on a roll.

Goodbye Blackboard, hello Moodle– University adopts new online learning management system

“Moodle” is the new learning management system introduced this year at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

New faculty bring practical experience: Abbott offers video savvy

By Bethany Smith Staff Writer A new face on the communication department faculty, Dean Abbott is filling the opening left by Dr. Mervin Ziegler’s retirement last spring. Abbott moved to…

New faculty bring practical experience: Sutherland bridges two worlds

By Sarah Einselen Managing Editor     “What is work like?” “What kind of things do scientists do for a living?” These are questions that Dick Sutherland says he wants…

Town teems with ‘simple pleasures’

By Brittany Richter Staff Writer How often during your busy school week do you push for the weekends? You work hard all week to have those 48 hours to relax…